3M sustainability goals and progress

We’ve been setting and meeting goals for 25 years

Looking at Sustainability in terms of shared global needs

Science operates within a set of rules. It follows specific methods. It delivers proof and proves cause and effect. But science also breaks boundaries, challenges the status quo, and improves lives. The challenges we must tackle for a sustainable future don’t always follow clear rules or methods — but we see them clearly. They are broad. They are interrelated. They are solvable. We know science can help tackle them.

We are looking at ways to build purpose into leadership and talent development across the company, to recognize business opportunities that help the company grow while addressing societal issues. We cut across industries and siloes to collaborate with suppliers, customers, and communities by working together toward building a more resilient world.   We have a unique opportunity to apply our passion and collaboration to help the world prosper.

Making progress towards 3M’s 2025 Goals

The true measure of our progress against the 2025 Sustainability Goals is in the numbers. Frankly, we have done well in some areas and need to do better in others. And though some goals may have been overly ambitious, we are not about to lower our sights. Instead, we will explore new ways to raise the bar.

Making progress towards 3M’s 2025 Goals